gender in dance

In the past year, the Kaufman community has become increasingly aware of the negative consequences of how the dance world operates with strict ideas about gender. With much credit to Zack Torres, we have had many conversations about the language we use in the studio, gender roles or expectations in repertory and the gender binary dancers are often forced into. Unfortunately, a community that is seemingly so open to the LGBTQ+ community is not very inclusive to genderqueer dancers.

Today, Zack Torres ('21), Sidney Ramsey ('21), Nano Zamora ('21) and Jonathan Alexander ('23) join me to talk about these issues. I ask them how they've experienced the binary in their training and what issues and possible solutions they imagine would make spaces more inclusive.

Thank you all for participating in this talk and wanting to learn more and inspire positive change. Also big shoutout to Zack Torres for their bravery in battling these issues at Kaufman!