Creating in Quarantine

Last month, I caught up with four more dancers of the class of 2020 about their post-grad experience freelancing, choreographing and dancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Asia Pyron, Jakevis Thomason, Anouk Otsea and Dylan Contreras tell me about the challenges they’ve faced since graduating, where they're seeing big shifts in the dance community and what inspires their work.

Freelance is tricky enough as is and adding in the instability and hardships of the last year has certainly not made it any easier. However, these four have persisted and continued to create and share their own work through it all. They're all such unique and intelligent artists and having them in the same zoom room inspired conversation around so many topics - we talk grants, choreographing via zoom, redefining success and more!

Now that you've heard them chat, see them dance!

Asia - @_pydance_

Jakevis - @jakevisthomason

Anouk - @anouk.arden

Dylan - @coldpadthai