Pas de Chit-Chat aims to showcase dancers' willingness to be vulnerable, listen with empathy and share their knowledge and experiences.

about this project

Pas de Chit-Chat was created in the spring of 2020, as my senior project at USC Kaufman. I wanted to create a time and space where dancers could participate in intimate, open conversations about topics related to dance. Just as Pas de Chit-Chat was moving past the brainstorming stage, the whole world was turned upside down by Covid-19. Pas de Chit-Chat became entirely virtual and has continued to live on past its original purpose in my college career. 

I aim to continue to curate and produce content that is relevant to dancers, celebrate the work of others and continue to have conversations in hopes they will inspire larger ones.


about me

I'm Lillie Pincus, a dancer and part of USC Kaufman's Class of 2020. I am from Rochester, NY, where I have temporarily returned to due to the pandemic.